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How To Make A Maternity Photo Book

pregnant lady 

The nine months of pregnancy are a challenging but beautiful period in anyone's life. Sure, it might not feel so beautiful at the time, but when you look back on it, there are always so many moments that you come to cherish. 

But how exactly do you look back on it? Well, one of the best ways to document your pregnancy is simply by taking photographs. We aren’t talking about the occasional selfie. These should be special, curated photographs that would look wonderful inside their very own maternity photo book.  

It’s not even like you have to put in too much effort – you’re already putting in enough effort as it is! All you need to do is arrange a few things and make sure you have a functioning phone and camera ability. With this in mind, here are seven ways to document your pregnancy journey and create the perfect maternity photo book.

Do A Maternity Photoshoot

Even if you’re going for the smaller, snug square photo book, you want the pictures to look big and expansive. That’s why it’s a great idea to arrange a maternity photoshoot with you and your partner. This can capture your excitement and celebrate the love that you have for each other, and you don’t even have to spend money on getting a professional to do it. Simply ask a friend, find a beautiful spot and start snapping away!

Go On A Babymoon

As we mentioned before, pregnancy is both exciting and stressful, so why not take away some of those stresses by going on a babymoon? A babymoon is a new trend that gives you an excuse to have a second honeymoon! Don’t worry – you’re not going to be going bungee jumping or doing a load of mountain hikes. This is a vacation that oozes relaxation and mental well-being. If you think of a really good babymoon location, it can also be a great way to get some more magical photographs into the binding of your book. Whether it’s a big getaway or just a small staycation, you can use the opportunity to snap some beautiful couple pics that can go in your photo book. 

Throw A Baby Shower

Everyone loves a good baby shower, and if you put on a good party, you can get lots of good photo opportunities that will add more life to your book. Try to capture the details as much as possible. Banners with the gender of the baby or balloons with the baby’s name – if you’ve already decided on that, which is unlikely! But anything like that will add little details to your photo book that will really resonate when you come to look back at it.

The Ultrasound Showstopper

Of course, every good photo book needs a good showstopper, and there’s nothing better than the first ultrasound to show off on an entire page of yours. It doesn’t have to be just one picture, either. To really give your photo book a story, you can dot each ultrasound you have throughout the photo book, showing the baby’s growth as the months continue to tick on. Not only does this give the book a cohesive journey, but it will also build the excitement of anyone flicking through it, as it will show that you are getting closer and closer to the big day!

Decorate The Room

Room decoration has almost become a mini-ceremony in many households. It’s certainly an exciting event in the pregnancy calendar, so make sure you document every moment. The wall painting, the furniture moving, the cot installation. Every part of the decoration process – even if you think it may be boring – will matter. Try to set up your phone, so you can get pictures of yourself and your partner together. This is a special moment for both of you, and taking photographs is one of the ways you can celebrate your love -  if you’re not too busy arguing about colour palettes, that is!

The Delivery Date Showstopper

Another good showstopper for your photo book is the actual delivery date of the baby. It’s likely, after all, that you will put your delivery date on Facebook or Instagram, so make sure you give it some gloss and perhaps create your own digital poster - complete with an abundance of colours or maybe even some of the photos that you have already taken. A photo book maker can then make it look even more special on its very own page.

Their First Day

Lastly, you can’t finish up the photo book without showing the star of the show. You probably don’t need us to tell you this, but make sure you take plenty of photographs on the big day – detailing your baby’s first few hours in our world. After everything you have been through, this is the only way to close out the photo book and demonstrate just how worth it the journey was.


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