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The Best Moments For Any Photo Book: Friends

Friends looking to the horizon

There are many small but beautiful moments that we should strive to capture. Right now, we’re taking a look at the four cornerstones of our daily lives and how best to capture them to place into your very own photo book. Whilst last time we took a dive into childhood, today you will discover the most opportune moments to take pictures of yourself and your friends, creating a friendship photo book that you can cherish for years to come.

Friendship is, of course, an important thing. We live and grow up with our families, but in many ways a bond between a person and a friend can go even deeper than something familial. This is because you are not naturally attached to a friend. The bond has not been formed with blood, but rather an understanding and fondness for each other’s character. Life has just thrown you together, but you stay connected because you smile and laugh at the same things.

This is why it is so important to stay in touch with friends and honor them with photo books that you will keep forever. But what moments are the most important to take? Here are five which you should strive not to miss.

The IceBreaker

Now, this one refers to friends which you meet at work. Of course, this may be a little harder if you have met your friends through a social event or school, but a large majority of us meet our closest friends whilst slaving away at the office. We all know what it’s like. On the first day, you’re going to be anxious. You keep yourself to yourself, you look around nervously to see who you might get on with, and you have awkward, slightly meaningless conversations about the weather whilst agonizingly waiting for the coffee to brew.

Fast forward a few years and your last day of work is filled with tears and funny gifts implying how you will never find work friends as good as them again. It’s a rollercoaster of a ride, and soon you will probably have a whole Facebook album of nights out, work gatherings, funny shenanigans, and you will smile at all the memories. But chances are, you will not have a picture of when it all began. This is why a picture or two on your first day can be such a good idea, especially if there are multiple new-starters who are just as nervous as you. Crack a smile, ask to take a few fun selfies for your Facebook feed, and not only will this be a good ice breaker, but in years to come you can find those very first pictures and put them into your very own Facebook photo book.

The Announcement

The moment we ask or are asked to marry someone is one of the most special moments in all of our lives. Sometimes no one reacts as emotionally and hysterically as your friends. This is why it can be such a good idea to capture their reaction when you tell them.

Try to do this with your partner, so they can be well in position to snap the moment you reveal the ring. You’re bound to get a few gawking and shocked faces, possibly even a fainter or two if you have an especially dramatic friend. Let’s be honest, we all do.

The Coffee House

No, this is not a Friends joke. This is something not many of us would think to take pictures of. Often, we tend to do the whole selfie thing on a night out or at a social work event, but taking snaps of the little moments can be just as endearing when you come to look back at them. Sometimes, the most fun we have with our friends is when we’re just going out for a little coffee and a catch-up.

Also, some things happen on nights out that we would rather forget. Coffee dates are far more civilized and so will often make for better, more respectable photographs. The less said about night-out photographs, the better!

The Photo Booth

Speaking of family, we often take the time to go and get professional snaps done. Whether they’re for a mural in the entrance hall or a photo frame in the living room, these professional pictures are usually only reserved for siblings, parents or relatives. This is why the photo booth is so important when it comes to friendship.

Sure, it may not be as professional as a photographer — it is just a bit of fun, after all — but a photo booth can give you nicely framed and staged photographs of you and your friends which will look beautiful when you come to look back at them in a photo book.

The Last Day

Just like the first day of work, capturing pictures of the last day can be so important to create a good, well-rounded photo book. Sometimes, the last day you see your friends regularly (whether that’s through work, school or a change of location) is sometimes so emotional that you forget to take pictures. But it is so important to try to do so on days like this.

You never know, it could be the last time you see your closest friends in months or even years. We all say that we will keep in touch, but sadly life can get in the way. Take pictures and cherish them in a photo book. The first day and the last day can be a perfect method to have a photo book that tells a story and comes full circle, no matter how emotional the ending might be. Although, of course, you should strive to make sure those photos are not the end. As stated before, friendship is one of the most integral cornerstones of all our lives. Keep in contact, keep a photobook, and keep the laughter coming.


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