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Scrapbooking vs. Online Digital Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is a hobby enjoyed by all ages. Sometimes known as memory scrapbooking, it’s a combination of photos, keepsakes and journaling.

Just like a photo book, you can create a scrapbook about anything you like – a vacation, friendships, a wedding planner, following your baby’s big moments, documenting a whole year of memories.

It’s about celebrating your personal experiences and creating a memento to look back on in years to come.

The joy of digital scrapbooking with My Social Book

The art of scrapbooking is not dead, it’s just evolved! Whilst people might not sit down with scissors and glue, they’re now using their social media posts to relive epic vacations, create mementos of their relationships and celebrate the big moments.

Digital scrapbooking takes less time but you can still create the same unique keepsake and print a physical scrapbook using the photos, videos and posts from your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

My Social Book’s algorithm creates a digital scrapbook from your social media posts in seconds. Add a personal touch by customizing everything from the cover to the color scheme. You can include Facebook posts or add text next to photos to describe your experiences. Our free online software also lets you divide your book into chapters – these can be months of the year, a chapter about an occasion or a person.

My Social Book’s customization features make it ideal for scrapbooking. Some people even use My Social Book to create a scrapbook template, uploading their social media photos and adding blank spaces to stick ticket stubs and other physical mementos or leave a space to hand write under photos. The possibilities are endless!

You can create a digital scrapbook to:

  Celebrate a special anniversary /  Look back at the first year of your baby’s life /  Remember all of your amazing travel adventures  / Relive your wedding day and honeymoon vacation  / Document all of your college experiences and friendships  /  Collect all the adorable photos of your pet in one place

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