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7 Activities You Should Finally Try In 2023 (And How To Photograph Them)

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For any photo book lovers out there, you’ll know that one of the best times to create a photo book comes towards the end of the year. 

It is known as the “yearbook”, and it is a portfolio made up of all the best moments of your year. Where you went, who you met, what you tried, all collated together in a single 8x8 inch photo book or square photo book that can last for the rest of your life.

There can be a slight problem with this kind of photo book, however. Have you ever looked through the “best moments” of your year and thought: that’s it? 

A lot of the time our years are not quite as epic or adventurous as we were hoping them to be. Life gets in the way and suddenly the ordinary can seem pretty mundane.

That is why, in 2023, you should get out there and do something about it. It’s easy enough to sit back and take things easy, but if you want a yearly photo book that you can be proud of, it is up to you to grasp adventure by the scruff of the neck and push yourself out of your comfort zone. 

To give you an idea, here are seven things you should try out to make 2023 your best year yet:

Go Skydiving

Yes, yes, we’re starting with the big one. But skydiving can be a truly life-changing activity for some people. The feeling of spiralling through the air, as light as a bird, can change your entire perspective of the world that you are tumbling towards. Not to mention, it makes for a pretty cool picture! Try to book a skydiving session with professionals who are notably good with their photography. That’ll be one intense way to see in 2023!

Hop On A Hot Air Balloon 

If the idea of skydiving made your palms a little sweaty, then there is a viable alternative. Hot air ballooning is a similarly life-changing activity, and it is a bit less crazy than throwing yourself out of a moving aeroplane. Not to mention, the photography is in your own hands. In a hot air balloon, you can take photos you wouldn’t be able to take anywhere else, making sure your photo book sparkles with something a little different.


Bit of a paradoxical one, this, but hear us out. If you’re reading this, you’re likely into photography already, with a social media platform full of pictures ready to be curated by a photo book maker. But how into photography are you? There is always room to improve your craft. Get up in the early hours of the morning to snap a sunrise, travel to places that were made to be photographed. Make photography more than just a hobby and see your photo book shine as a result.

Get A Tattoo (Or A Piercing)

Let’s be honest, in terms of a photo book, this one is mainly for laughs. The tattoo experience can be terrifying, so snapping it can lead to some pretty hilarious results - not to mention you’ll be left with a beautiful new tattoo, which is also a plus. If you have always wanted a particular tattoo – or a piercing– then 2023 is the perfect time to do it. Just make sure to bring a friend along to document the whole experience, David Attenborough style.

Snow Shoeing 

Living next to mountains can be funny. A lot of the time you look out and appreciate their beauty, but you don’t actually take the time to really experience them. Well, 2023 is the year you should get your snowshoes out and actually go for a proper, mountain hike. This can lead to some beautiful pictures for your photo book, whilst also getting you closer to nature and the wonderful world that you live in. If this is a little tame for you, you could also try out skiing or snowboarding. Just make sure to get an instructor. There are only so many times you can fall on your face before regretting your 2023 life decisions.

Go To A Festival

Festivals are hotspots for great music, fun vibes, and countless opportunities to meet new, interesting people. You can also take the opportunity to snap a few photos. Going to a festival is a communal affair, so get your friends front and centre and make sure the whole group is involved. You’re sure to look back at those moments at the end of the year and smile – just leave out the more embarrassing late-night photographs! 

Get Out More

We’re going a little broader for the last point. This isn’t exactly a specific activity, but it is important. Everyone wants to get out more, but many fail to actually do it. 2023 is your year to venture into the world, visit new places, go on vacation, photograph more gigs, travel, go to the park, meet up with old friends, all of the above! If you try to get out more, you’ll find yourself living more, so by the time the end of year comes, you’ll have a photo book to be proud of. Photo books are all about you after all. Your adventures. Your life. So, make it a good one!


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