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7 Reasons Why Photo Books Are so Worth it – Even if You’re Always on Your Phone

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The digital world is steadily taking over our lives. Every year we spend more and more time online, whether that’s browsing our social media pages, reading the worldwide news, or watching cat videos on YouTube. 

In 2021 alone, the average internet user would spend 485 minutes of the day online. That number has gone up from 214 minutes in 2011 and is predicted to rise by a further 22 minutes in 2025. 

This, in many ways, is why photo books are so important. It's almost an ironic statistic, seeing as most of our time online is spent presenting our day-to-day routines and finding out about others, mostly through photographs on both Facebook and Instagram. 

In a world obsessed with digitalisation, it has never been more crucial to keep the spirit of the traditional world alive, and using a photo book maker to place your memories into a physical, traditional book is the perfect way to do this. 

If you’re still sceptical, then here are seven reasons why we should savour photo books in 2022:

We Naturally Skim Over Digital Media

According to a recent survey, our attention span on the internet is cut down to around 8 seconds, with a group of 18-25 year-olds stating that they can only actively focus on one task for up to one minute. With this in mind, when we are looking through old albums or Instagram portfolios, we are far more likely to skim through them rather than actually take them in.

On The Other Hand, We Pay More Attention To Physical Books

Collecting your favourite photographs and creating a Facebook and Instagram photo book can actually help you appreciate them even more. A study conducted in an American University in 2020 found that 92% of people concentrate better when they are reading print rather than something digital. When you are looking through your photos, you are more likely to be engrossed in what you are doing and therefore appreciate the photographs for what they are.

Your Photo Books Are Safer And Will Survive Through The Ages

When your photographs are online, they are not safe, even if you think they might be. A simple cloud hack or data fault could wipe out your precious memories in a second. With a photo book, however, your photographs are in your own hands and are made to last. What’s more, they’re far more likely to survive through the ages. How many videos or photographs did you take ten years ago, upload somewhere and then seemingly lose forever? With photo books, you can enjoy your memories forever and even pass them down the generations

Some Photos Just Look Better In Print

The screen of a laptop or a phone is a light source, so all of your photographs are going to look far brighter than they are meant to. In print, however, photographs look natural. They’re seen in the way they were meant to be seen, and for this reason they simply look better. Creating a photo book is all about giving your favourite photographs the treatment they deserve. You can roll out the red carpet and let them shine!

The Books Themselves Also Look Beautiful

The books themselves are also special. You can choose to display them in your own home and make them really stand out as a piece of home décor. This way, when people come around, they’re likely to notice and take a look at themselves - which coincidentally makes them a great ice-breaker! You’re also far more likely to look at your photos when they’re sitting on the shelf. Unlike digital photographs, you don’t have to go searching for them if you want to relive the memories. Instead, the photo book might just catch your eye on a rainy day, and the next thing you know you’re sitting on the couch having a look back at a special time of your life.

They Give A Sense Of Occasion

To add on to this, they also present something which is more of an occasion. When you’re online, you take a look at photographs, maybe like a few, then you’re done. With a photo book, however, it’s different. When you’re sitting with your kids or your friends, looking through the book you have created, it feels far more special, like you’re actively interacting with those old memories and giving them the celebration that they deserve. 

You Can Create Your Own Story

One of the best things about photo books is that you can use them to actually tell a story with your photographs. On Facebook or Instagram, although you might tag and title an album, it is likely that you’ve simply photo dumped a load of images without much coherency and thought. A photo book allows you to carefully select your images and tell a story, which is an important way to really make the photographs stand out and hold inner meaning. With a photo book, you are in charge of your story, and you can craft it in the way it deserves.


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