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Dubai: A Photography Guide To The City Of The Future

Dubai skyline

According to a recent survey, as many as 60% of Americans are planning a 2023 fall vacation abroad. Whether that’s to get away from work, the cold, or the countless Halloween costume parties, we couldn’t be more for it. 

In our opinion, vacations give the best opportunities to photographers looking for a spark of inspiration, especially if you get the location right. 

If you’re wondering whether you need one, just look at your last few Facebook photo albums.

Sis’s Bday Party, Summer, Mom’s Bday Party, Dog Pics, More Dog Pics. 

Now imagine a vacation joining that list. 

Sis Bday Party, Summer, Mom’s Bday Party, Dog Pics, Dubai 2023!!!, More Dog Pics.

Looks better right? And yes, if you’re planning a fall vacation, we think Dubai is the perfect place. For one, numerous online sources have ranked it as the top vacation destination in 2023. For two, it’s in a desert. And thirdly, it would result in a Facebook photo book to beat all Facebook photo books!

Want us to explain? Take a look at our photography guide that can take you through just a slice of what the city has to offer:

Dubai From Up High

When we were researching this blog, the first thing we saw you could do in Dubai was take a hot air balloon ride over the dunes of the desert. Duh? Do we need to say anything more? 

Just think of the photo opportunities this activity could give you, as well as the ethereal experience of literally levitating above the desert. Hmph. Not enough? Fine, we’ll continue…

Beaches… Oh, The Beaches!

One of the reasons Dubai is so loved by travelers around the world is because it's not just a city. This is a city in the middle of the desert, on the edge of an ocean. When it comes to photography juxtaposition, you can’t get any better. 

The beaches are also incredible. One of the best photo opportunities is Kite Beach, where hundreds of kite surfers frequent every day. You can go there, chill out with a pina colada, and snap them in action. Bliss!


Dubai is also home to the tallest skyscraper in the world, the magnificent Burj Khalifa. You may have seen this building in a little movie called Mission Impossible 4, but you don’t have to worry about any Tom Cruise characters smashing through the window! 

This is simply a beautiful building that lends to some pretty amazing photographs – either taken at the base or all the way up at the top. 

The Garden Of Miracles

If you’d like to add some greenery to your photo collection, then Dubai has that too. One of the most popular tourist spots is known as the Miracle Garden, the largest natural flower garden in the world, home to 150 million species of flowers. 

With makeshift love hearts, castles, and even giant planes, this is a place that felt made for photographers. And bees. It’s just so creative, and another example of why vacations are so necessary for photographers. You can’t find a place like this anywhere else in the world, and it’s impossible to leave it without feeling inspired.

A Slice Of History

Want a few historic pictures to upload to a photo book maker, but you’re concerned Dubai is a little too modern? Well, we recommend traveling down to Dubai’s Old Town, which is located on the banks of Dubai Creek. 

This is an authentic piece of Dubai history, surviving since the 1800s, and still thriving today despite the advanced, futuristic city on its doorstep. Perfect if you want some oldy-worldy photographs to add to the collection.

One With Nature

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ride a camel? Sadly you can’t do this in Dubai and you will likely never find out. Only joking, of course you can ride a camel in Dubai, and you can get some great pictures out of the experience too. 

If you’re traveling with a friend, we recommend you let them try first. You can have a few laughs, watch them struggle, snap some pics, and then decide whether you should do it yourself. We’re not saying your friend is a guinea pig, but… Okay, no, they’re a guinea pig.

The City Of The Future

If you needed one more reason why Dubai is the perfect vacation destination, then clearly you’ve been reading this with your eyes closed. But that’s alright, we’ll humor you. Throughout all of our blogs, we often talk about unique experiences and places to capture, but we're not kidding when we say Dubai tops them all. 

This is a unique city that feels like it was built in the future, especially during the nighttime. When the city’s architecture is all lit up, you can see the rolling dunes in the distance, and hear the sound of the ocean breaking from afar, you’ll wonder how a place like this could ever exist on our Earth. And then you’ll photograph it. Because that’s what we do.


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