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How To Make A Photobook Just For You

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We’ve written a lot of blogs here at MySocialBook. Across these blogs, we’ve talked about a lot of things, from photography myths to photo book guides. But one thing we haven’t talked about is the creation of a photo book just for yourself. 

Not for any celebration, not as a photography portfolio, not to give as a gift – a photo book that is made by you and for you. 

And this is strange because the ability to simply gift a photo book to yourself is exactly why we love them as a concept. Your life is a story. From the beginning to the end, you’re experiencing the biggest and best story of all time, and it deserves to be told in a book that can be remembered forever. 

This isn’t about showing off good photographs or celebrating an occasion. This is about living your story and telling your story. So let’s see how you can honor that and create a photo book that tells the story perfectly.

A Story Of Growth

As with any good story, you have to start at the beginning. We all have embarrassing Facebook photos of ourselves as babies – likely posted on some birthday by a doting mother – so start your Facebook photo book with something that makes you blush. This isn’t just about being embarrassed, by the way. It’s about showing your growth, from a one-year-old who thinks spaghetti is make-up to the person you are now. 

A Story Of Friendship

This photo book is also a great way to honor your friendships. Life is all about building connections and finding friendships, and a lot of us wouldn’t be the people we are now without them. Scroll through your Facebook photographs and find the best group pics available. Who knows, you can even use this as an opportunity to get back in touch with a few of them!

A Story Of Family

Just like our friendships, we’re all made by the families that we grow up in. Try to get as many family pics in this book as possible, with photographs of special birthdays, anniversaries, Christmases, Halloweens, you name it – if your family is in the picture, then it’s got to go in there!

A Story Of Laughter

Cherished moments often coincide with those moments that have made you laugh. Try to include all of the moments that put a smile on your face, whether that’s your dog getting their head stuck in a bucket or a friend doing something particularly them on a night out – choose all of your favorite funny pictures and make sure you can always come back to this book for a good giggle!

A Story Of Our World

As we mentioned before, your life is a story, and the world is the stage you walk upon. With this in mind, look at uploading your favorite vacation photographs to a photo book maker to mix things up. Vacations are important to us, after all. They’re not just about getting away from the stresses of work or relaxing the mind, they’re about experiencing more of the world we live in, and these experiences need to be told.

A Story Of Forgetfulness

While this category could fall under “laughter”, we can’t help feeling like it deserves its own section in your photo book. This is all about presenting the nights you have forgotten. For some reason, we all seem to take more pictures when we’re on a night out with our friends. For better or for worse, these pictures happen, and they always manage to place us right back into the moment when we look back at them. So why not create more reasons to blush? Who knows, if you’ve mastered how to take good pictures at night – even after a visit to the bar– you might even have some stellar photographs to showcase!

A Story Of Love

A story of life is a story of love. For this reason, you should spend the last pages of the book focusing on that special someone and show them how important they are to you and your story. We don’t care if this is your SO, your husband, your wife to be, or your beloved dog. They probably deserve a thank you for putting up with you for so long, and a photo book is the perfect way to do that. It’s a way to say thank you to them, to you, and to the gift of life. Cheers to that!


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