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Tips for Creating a Square Photo Book

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Here at MySocialBook, we have plenty of photo books for you to choose from. There are Facebook photo books, Instagram photo books, a photo book for Google photos, and even the ability to create a social media ‘photo-mosaic’ on a canvas or metal frame. 

These are all popular, of course, but one of the high-flyers in recent months has undoubtedly been our new square photo book

Ranging from 6x6’ to 8x8’, this is a cute, pocket-sized photo book that offers several different opportunities for the creator. With these opportunities in mind, we’re going to divulge a few of our top tips for creating the perfect square photo book, and why they’re such a good choice.

Why Choose the Square Photo Book?

Let’s start with the why. The real question here is why would you go small when you could go big? And the answer to that is the square photo book is not really small. Well, it is small. But not in the way you think. 

While you could simply make a 30-page square photo book, our square photo book can house 400 pages, so while it looks and feels small in your hands, it is jam-packed with your best and brightest memories. 

The square photo book is also very stylish. With high-quality, glossy paper and a modern, minimalist aesthetic, this is a book that looks and feels unique. We love all of our photo books, of course, but we can't help but feel the square photo book radiates a quirkiness that’s just cool. 

It’s also super portable. If you’re looking for a photo book that is more lightweight and mobile – making it perfect for sharing with friends and family – then the square photo book is your answer.

Use it to Practice a New Kind of Photography

When it comes to our tips on how to create a great square photo book, the first thing we’d suggest is using it to practice a new kind of photography. The square photo book has different dimensions to our other offerings, and that makes it perfect for showcasing square photos. 

To do this, all you have to do is open the camera app on your phone, go to the 4:3 crop, then tap ‘square’. Thanks to Instagram, the unusual square format has become increasingly popular amongst photographers, and the square photo book gives you a tangible way to show them off! 

Use it as a Home For Your Experiments

Speaking of trying out new kinds of photography, if you’re into experimenting with your pictures, then the square photo book could be the home you’re looking for. A lot of the time, people upload their special memories, or their ‘technically great’ photographs to our photo book maker.

This often means that more experimental or abstract efforts are left out. If you use your square photo book to house your more ‘out there’ efforts, then you can showcase them in the way they deserve -- without spoiling the coherent aesthetic you’ve managed to create with your other books.

Use it to Showcase a Single Memory

Or you could treat your square photo book like you would any other photo book! There’s no reason why you can’t use this book to display your happiest memories from the year, but rather than inserting lots of different memories, utilising the small form factor to showcase just one. 

We’ve talked before about how to tell a coherent story with a photo book, and this process can be made easier with a smaller photo book like this. It can make the story feel more focused and purposeful – perhaps as a wedding gift for a friend, or as a way to celebrate your recent Christmas celebrations. 

Get Creative With It

These are just a handful of tips, but there are many more ways you can create a good square photo book. Whether it’s a book to showcase your 2024 vacation, birthday, a wedding, or a full yearbook that can fit snugly in your hands, the square photo book can be flexible enough to run with your ideas and make them a reality. 

All you have to do is remember the basics. Make sure to pick a cover that stands out, and select photographs with a theme that can run from beginning to end. Add captions if you want to give your pictures a little context, and customise your layout to emphasise your biggest showstoppers. Most of all, have fun with the process of creation and make sure to savour the moment you finally hold it in your hands. Nothing beats it!


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