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Why London Is One Of The Most Photogenic Vacation Spots

Westminster palace

There’s a certain romanticism about London. Whether it’s the red telephone boxes, the 80s style double-decker buses or the soldiers with hedgehogs for hats, it’s hard to say. All we know is that it makes for one hell of a photogenic vacation destination. 

If you’re thinking about a vacation this summer, you can’t do much better. Sure, there are no beaches nearby, the sun is pretty shy and people avoid most kinds of social interaction. But the romantic nature of London makes it kind of irresistible. 

Not to mention it could be the subject of one of your most beautiful photo books yet. See, you can create a photo book in 2 clicks, but the photo book itself will last a lifetime, which is exactly what you want when it comes to London memories. 

You’ll understand it more when you’re there, but this city has a way of sinking into your heart. There’s a connection that is made between you and the city streets, and with a few photos and a photo book maker, you can keep that connection forever.

But what makes London so photogenic? Well, the answer is easy, and it begins with something you cannot even see.

You Can Sense The History

Compared to a city like New York, London has a history which goes back nearly 2000 years. This wealth of history lingers in the air, suffusing every experience with something indescribable. 

When you see a building, you are not just seeing a formation of bricks, you’re seeing a story that has been written over centuries. 

This comes out in the photographs you take, too. If you know how to take atmospheric photos, you can eke out the ghosts of a building, making the photo tell the viewer so much more than just the scene in front of you.  

The Tourist Spots Are Stunning

It should also be said that the buildings themselves are pretty beautiful. A lot of the time, big tourist spots in cities are not as good as people say they are – or even as good as they look online. With London, however, it’s the opposite. 

There’s nothing quite like seeing Big Ben or Tower Bridge in the flesh. Even some of the newer tourist spots like the Shard are stunning – especially on a blue, sunny day, where you can photograph the light rebounding off the glass. 

When it comes to London, every sight goes beyond your expectations, with completely unique pieces of architecture existing on the same street.

But It’s Not Just The Tourist Spots That Grab You

Having said this, another great thing about London is that you don’t need to be in a tourist spot to take a good picture. 

This is because London is not just a city of culture. It’s a city of creativity. There’s a reason great artists like Shakespeare or Banksy have found a home here. The big tourist spots might be beautiful, but they are not the reason this city is so renowned. It is full of secrets that cannot be found with your standard A to B map. For instance, as a tourist, you can look up where to find the best street art in London and find about twenty pieces that weren’t even on the list while you walk there. 

It breathes creativity and you can see that in any street, anywhere, at any time. Don’t fancy joining the hustle and bustle around Buckingham Palace? Doesn’t matter. You’ll find something just as beautiful wherever you decide to go. 

It’s Not A Still City

Of course, if you’re planning on Instagramming your London vacation and binding those pictures into a photo book, you might be concerned that the photo book will end up being still. A book full of buildings and architecture, but one of the reasons London is so photogenic is because it is a city of people.

Although we jest about antisocial behaviour, London is actually very friendly – if you’re not in the underground at least – and it’s almost impossible not to come away with some new friends. A photo book, therefore, will be full of both the architecture and the people living in it. 

Nights out on the town, get-togethers in coffee shops. You will constantly be moving and the people you come across will undoubtedly make the city even more beautiful. 

In London, You’re Not Just An Observer

One last great thing about London is that no-one is an observer here. In many cities, you can fall into the trap of simply seeing and not experiencing. In London, that’s almost an impossible achievement. 

You will notice, if you look at Instagram photos of the city, that the photographers are not just snapping what’s in front of them, but actually participating in it. That’s what makes it such an Instagrammable city and why it’s a must-make photo book. It’s all about that connection you make with the streets. 

Whether it’s a stroll in the park, a round of mini-golf near Crystal Palace or a drink in a quirky looking pub. London invites you into its arms and asks you to take part. That’s why so many people fall in love with London. Because London falls in love with them back.


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